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Nanomanipulation of Carbon Nanotubes
Nanomanipulation of Carbon Nanotubes

A new nanotechnology research programme 'Nanorobotics - technologies for simultaneous multidimensional imaging and manipulation of nanoobjects' has been established by a large grant from the RCUK Basic Technology Research programme.

Project Leaders

The Programme is cordinated at the University of Sheffield by the following people:

Project Director: Dr. B J Inkson Email beverley.inkson[at]
Project Co-Director: Dr. G Möbus Email g.moebus[at]
Project Manager: Mrs. K Bennett

Project Locations

The Project is spread over three Universities and five Departments including:

The University of Sheffield (Depts: Engineering Materials, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Clinical Dentistry), Sheffield Hallam University (Dept: Microsystems and Machine Vision Laboratory) and Nottingham University (Dept: Physics and Astronomy)